Psychedelics, Mushrooms and Cannabis

Have you noticed mushrooms are in everything nowadays? Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Supplements.  Martha Stewart has a recipe for an entire meatloaf made with mushrooms. And even the "magic" ones are being researched more than ever.  Prevention Magazine recently featured a story about a woman who cured her headaches by taking psilocybin mushrooms and Gwyneth Paltrow flew her Goop team to Jamaica to try them. You only have to go as far as Ann Arbor to legally try them in Michigan and this past weekend, I joined a few hundred people at the University of Michigan listening to people recount how psychedelic plants have healed them from everything to postpartum depression to auto-immune illnesses. So let's pour a cup of mushroom tea and talk about it!

For this month's Qulture Tea Party, we're exploring mushrooms, the kind you get at the grocery store and the ones that can take you on a magical voyage.  Both are beneficial to your health!  Types such as Lion's Mane, Reshi and Chaga have been known to boost immune function and ward off disease.  (They are a staple of the Multiple Sclerosis Diet I follow.) And psychedelics such as psilocybin, peyote and ayahuasca have been used for thousands of years for conditions such as depression, anxiety and addiction.  

Join me and Nurse Cathleen Graham Thursday, September 30th at 7:00 PM on Zoom to learn which types work best for your condition.  We're talking to some of the top experts in the field of functional and psychedelic mushrooms and as always, we're answering your questions about cannabis and CBD. Click the link to register:

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Our online Tea Parties are always free to attend, but if you'd like to Sip and Sesh with us, Qulture Tea Party kits that include cannabis (prices and contents vary) can be purchased at any of the following locations:




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I'm looking forward to catching up and seeing you on the screen on the 30th!

Wishing you health and happiness,