CBD and Beyond

Have you been wondering if you're taking the right dose of CBD for your body and condition? Is CBD not working for you and are you considering trying another option, like THC or CBG? What's the deal with Delta 8 and can it help you finally get some sleep? Are you looking for something to give you energy or help you with your diet? We're breaking down dosing and why you may want to try something besides CBD. (Don't worry. You won't get high, unless you want to.) Q and Nurse Cathleen Graham are back and ready to answer your questions about all things cannabis at Qulture Club's Virtual High Tea Party this Thursday.

If you want to make it a Sip & Sesh Party by drinking our exclusive Motor Citea tea blend and trying out a new strain of cannabis, you can pick up a Qulture Tea Party Kit (contents and prices vary) at any of these locations:




Ann Arbor:





Battle Creek:


Big Rapids:



Let's end the summer feeling refreshed and recharged and a lot less achy or moody! We look forward to helping you get there. Click the link to register and we'll see you on the screen this Thursday, August 26th at 7:00 PM.