We don't just make people feel good. We make them feel better.

Top-quality CBD products and education that change the narrative on CBD.

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Don’t just feel good. Feel Better.

CBD + community can help. Qulture exists to promote authentic CBD education. We regularly hold events that bring the community together. See our upcoming events here.

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High Tea

We host regular Tea Party events to build a stronger community and promote CBD education. If you’ve always wanted to have tea + CBD with like-minded people, this is the event for you. Due to the pandemic, we’re hosting our Tea Parties online for now—and it’s just as fun as ever.

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What our customers are saying

I’ve tried my share of gummies to help me sleep. Qulture Delta 8 gummies are hands down the best. A great night’s sleep and they taste good, too!

Mike - Detroit

I started Qulture gummies to help with my anxiety management. After a month, I experienced a considerable reduction in symptoms. Fewer moments of panic, decrease in manifestations (breath, heart rate, pain in chest). CBD has supported my mental health.

Jessica J

Oh, my knees would get so swollen from arthritis and the pain would wake me up at night. I’m so glad I found these gel capsules! I take one a day and I haven’t been in pain in months. I can grocery shop and run errands with no problem.

Crist J

I love the CBD gummies. I noticed a positive shift in my mood throughout the day. The CBD helps relax you, without the effects of getting high. The gummies helped a lot with anxiety. These would be perfect for people who have stressful jobs and lives!

Alexa B

I have been using this THCV tincture for about a month. I use it daily and it has allowed me to change my eating habits and I feel like it's helping me a great deal. I would recommend it for anyone who is having issues with appetite control.

Leah T

Don’t just feel good. Feel Better.

Qulture exists to provide alternatives to traditional cannabis consumables that are high in sugar, have questionable ingredients and aren’t designed to be seen with. Our products are dosed perfectly for easy, discreet medicating, with a big CBD / small THC boost.

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